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Hulk Game Download For PC

The Incredible Hulk Game Download for PC

Today I’ll show you How to Download the Incredible Hulk Game for PC

Hulk Cover

Marvel review series continues with a look at a game based on the Incredible Hulk. Hulk is based on the 2003 movie of the same name now the movie you can get an overall positive reception which eventually led to a reboot five years later, but maybe this game is another story well looking at Hulk for what it is or what it was at the time an early superhero game following the likes of the Spider-Man movie based game it's not too terrible.

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Hulk Game Download for PC

But overall Hulk is just an exercise in repetition and it's lacking any real fun beyond. It's opening moments the story takes place one year after the angled film though any and all potential ties to that movie should be considered loose at best banner is still on the run. When he gets a call from Professor Crawford an old mentor of his, who claimed he can cure for the Hulk desperate Bruce decides to head out which eventually leads to discovering a much more.

The first few missions seem to file that narrative, but once you get over to Alcatraz Island the plot becomes all about stopping. The leader from doing what well you got me because the game never really says or takes the time to explain it. Look I'm not saying that a game based on the Hulk's you have an epic plot, but what he's here just feels lazy and like no effort went into it at all now as the usual story's not always the be-all-end-all of whether a game is successful or fun the game story might be dreadful but the gameplay could be awesome.

The Incredible Hulk Gameplay

Unfortunately, the Hulk's gameplay is kind of just as lazy as the story and it's a real since there seems to be potential with what is here it's just not used the opening mission has you doing what help does best smashing the hell out of everything in sight, you learn how to charge up moves pick up objects throw objects and even punch missiles back at enemies, however, this system never changes throughout the whole game. You think that you would learn new moves as you progress or maybe you could gain experience for more health or special attacks, but now the hope you start within the opening tutorial mission is the same hope you'll be finishing the game with and what makes this worse is that enemies start off pretty basic. 

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You know your standard soldiers and whatnot but then they get upgrades as the game moves on I mean the soldiers end up getting shields the gamma monsters start coming out with guns and stuff you feel completely overpowered by some of these later enemies and this is not really a feeling you should get when you're playing a game as the friggin Hulk you rely on the same sets of moves over and over again.


About Hulk Incredible Game 

Publishers              Sega
Developers            Edge of Reality, Amaze Entertainment
Release date          2008
Genre                    Action

System Requirement To Play Hulk Game

1. OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit        Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64      Bit Service Pack 2*                (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS)
2. Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom
3. RAM: 512 Mb
4. Hard disk space: 2 Gb Free
5. Sound Card: DirectX 10 compatible

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How to Download Hulk Game for PC

1. Download and Extract The_Hulk_Incredible_Game
2. Open the “Hulk Game Files” folder and run the “setup.exe” –          sort any key for the setup to launch        and expect it to finish
3. Double click on Launcher.exe and choose  “Play the                          unbelievable Hulk”
4. Play the sport

Click Here to Download The Incredible Hulk Game for PC

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