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Area 51 Arcade Game

Today ill give you complete detail about Area 51 Arcade Game

This is one of my favorite PlayStation games. The action is fast, and the graphics are great. The music well what I heard of it, because in the arcades you can barely hear. Killing aliens couldn't be easier in this one. My first impression on this is wow!

Area 51 Arcade Game
Area 51 Arcade Game

Area 51 Game Story

You are in Area 51Arcade Game you are an elite team that found out that there have been aliens who penetrated your military base go in there and kill them before they try to kill you. Story couldn't be simpler, who really cares when your killing hordes of aliens.

Area 51 Game Arcade

Area 51 Games Graphics

The graphics in this game are good for the time this game was made. The aliens look good even though they are 2D, this still is a great game. The blood is a good read, not bright like Mortal Kombat but it gets the job done. The backgrounds could have been better. Since they are dark it is kind of hard to see aliens. The weapons and ammo which are usually in boxes are, are big enough to be seen.

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Game Sound Quality.

The music was good. It imitates old war movies; this really helps you as you go along. The music is minimum though, because of all the gunfire really drowns it out. The gunfire is realistic sounding, especially the shotguns. The alien's gun sounds like a laser of some sort. All and all this department goes well with the pace of the game.

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Area 51 Game Play

This game is for 1 or 2 players. This game is really easy since most aliens die with one shot, you can shoot a gas tank and kill a whole group of them. You get items like extra bullets, shotgun shells, extra lives, and things along that line. Precise shooting is a must, in order to preserve bullets so you won't have to constantly reload. This also gives you a better overall score.

There are 2 modes when you start the game. Beginner, this where you start at the beginning of the game. You get an extra life and a few more bullets. Then there's advanced this is where you start somewhat in the middle of the game. You get only 3 lives in this mode. The aliens are not harder because all aliens usually drop with just one bullet. There is a save feature.

Screenshot of Gameplay

Overall Rating 10 out of 10

This is a very fun game. It is also easy for beginners to shoot them ups. The challenge is medium. The replay value is not really high unless you want a high score. Well compared to today's shooters the graphics do look dated. The game graphics resemble Duke Nukem, but the fact that it is so easy to play is what drew me to it. This is the greatest hit so you probably can get it for $20 dollars. Shoot um up fans and newcomers will both enjoy this.

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