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How to Cancel Netflix Account Subscription


If you haven't been enjoying the content available on Netflix, You might find yourself getting tired of paying for your membership.

Want to learn how to cancel your Netflix subscription?

We're here to help; in this article, I'll tell you how to cancel your Netflix account.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Account 

Now let's get started to begin.

Step 1) Open your computer's web browser and go to netflix.com, then sign in to your account. if you have multiple profiles on your account click on one of them that isn't a kids profile. Now hover over your profile icon in the top right with your cursor from the menu that appears below.

Cancel NetFlix Subscription

Step 2) Select account on the next screen. You'll see your account settings; click the button that says cancel membership to confirm that you want to cancel your subscription click finish cancellation. Once you cancel your membership you'll still be able to use Netflix until the date you would have been charged.

You don't have to worry about any further bills or cancellation fees. Once you cancel your subscription if you ever decide you'd like to go back to using Netflix. You can reactivate your account by signing in and clicking restart membership on the account settings page that's all it takes to cancel a Netflix account. 

How to Cancel Netflix on iPhone

Cancel Netflix on Iphone

How to cancel your Netflix subscription on your iPhone. If you're you know trying to use your iPhone to do it so it is actually possible. If you guys are just wanting to get rid of it for whatever reason or if you're switching over to Hulu or Amazon Prime video or something else. I'm going to tell you guys how to you know to cancel your Netflix so let's open that flicks up first.

Step 1) So you got to be logged into your account, once you're logged into your account, you're going to want to click on the options tab right here and you want to scroll down to account.

Step 2) Then it's going to pull up you know all your account information and right at the bottom there's going to be a cancel membership option. So it's going to you know stop billing you after the last billing cycle so all. I got to do is hit the cancel membership button and you'll be pretty much good to go and you know. You'll have done it on your iPhone.

How to Cancel your Netflix Free Trial

Cnacel Netflix Free Trial

If you’ve opted for a month’s free trial of Netflix and set you don’t need to fork up for the paid subscription, you'll be able to cancel your account in just the same way.

A word of warning though; if you don’t cancel your account before your free trial runs out, you may mechanically be charged for future month of streaming.

Netflix will send you a reminder once your free trial is close to expiring, however, it’s price setting a reminder on your smartphone if you propose on canceling your Netflix account once the free trial is up.

How to Create and Delete Netflix User Profiles

Delete Netflix Profile

I'm going to talk through how to create and delete Netflix user profiles. Creating different profiles within a Netflix account makes it possible multiple users of one account to each have their own Netflix space.

You can have up to five profiles within one Netflix account, and each profile has its own recently watched list ratings and reviews, playback settings, and more.

Profiles are great for families where everyone has their own viewing tastes. This article walks you through how to add a Netflix profile, both in the Netflix mobile app and on the Netflix website, and how to delete a Netflix profile, which can only be done on the Netflix website.

Create Netflix Profile on a Desktop Computer

Create Netflix Profile

And now, the steps to feature a Netflix profile on a PC

1) Open your Web browser and navigate to www.netflix.com. The Who's Watching screen appears.
2) Click the "Add Profile" icon. The Add Profile icon is a gray circle with a black "+" sign in the center of it. The Add Profile screen appears.
3) Enter the name of the profile in the Name field, and then click the red "Continue" button. The Continue button starts out as gray but turns red after you enter any text in the Name field. You'll be returned to the Who's Watching screen, where you'll see the profile you added now appears in the list of selectable profiles.

4) Click the "Manage Profiles" button directly beneath the list of profiles on the Who's Watching screen. A white pencil icon appears on each of the profiles. The white pencil represents the Edit icon.

5) Click the "Edit" icon represents the profile you just added. The Edit Profile screen appears.

6) Click the "Edit" icon on the image associated with the profile. A menu of profile icons appears for you to choose from. Click one of the alternative profile icons if you want to change your default icon.

7) Click the "Language" drop-down, which appears directly beneath the Name field. A list of languages appears for you to choose from that can be associated with this Netflix profile.

8) Click the "Allowed TV Shows and Movies" drop-down. A list of options for restricting the type of content that is available for viewing appears. Choose the option best suited for the person who will be using this profile.

9) Click "Save." You change to that the profile will be saved, and you'll be returned to the Manage Profiles screen.

10) Click "Done."

11) Click a profile to start exploitation Netflix as that profile.

Create Netflix Profile on Smart Device

Netflix on android

And now, the steps to add a Netflix profile on your smart device.

1) Launch the Netflix app on your smart device.

2) Tap the "Menu" icon within the higher left corner of the screen. The Menu icon features three horizontal lines and is also known as a hamburger icon.

3) Tap the name of the profile that appears at the top of the menu that fly’s open along the left edge of the device's screen. The Who's Watching window appears.

4) Tap "Add Profile." The Choose Icon screen appears.

5) Tap to choose an icon for your profile. You'll proceed to the Create Profile window, where you can enter your name.

6) Enter a profile name, and then slide the circle in the For Kids toggle to the right side of the toggle if content for this profile should be limited to content rated safe for kids 12 years and younger. You'll be routed back to the Who's Watching screen, where your profile will appear. And now, the steps to delete a Netflix profile. First, a note. You can only delete a Netflix profile when logged in to Netflix through a Web browser. You can't delete a Netflix profile through an app for a smart device. 

Delete Netflix Profile

Delete Netflix Profile

And now, the steps to delete a Netflix profile.

Step 1) Open an internet browser and navigate to the Netflix web site.

Step 2) Click "Manage Profiles," and then click the "Edit" icon on the profile you want to delete.

Step 3) Click "Delete Profile." A Delete Profile a window appears, informing you that ratings, activity, and any other information directly associated with this profile will be removed and will not be recoverable.

Step 4) Click "Delete Profile." That profile will be deleted, and will no longer appear in your list of available Netflix profiles.

How to Delete Your Netflix Viewing Activity

Delete Netflix VIewing Activity

Need to clear your Netflix viewing activity or want to refresh your recommendations. We're here to help. In this article, I'll be showing you how to delete your Netflix viewing activity on the Netflix website and on the Netflix app for iOS or Android.

Now let's get started to delete your Netflix history on your computer.

Step 1) Open your web browser and go to Netflix.com, then Sign in to your account hover over your profile icon in the top right corner then click account scroll down.

Step 2) Now click viewing activity beside each show or movie you've watched that you'd like to remove from your history, Click the hide icon to the right of its title, this will remove this entry from your viewing activity list and will no longer be used to recommend other titles to delete your viewing activity on the Netflix app.

Step 3) Open the app and tap more at the bottom of your screen scroll down and tap account this will open a browser window on your device scroll down and select viewing activity. Now top the hide icon beside any show or movie you want to remove from your history, that's all it takes to delete your Netflix viewing activity on any device.
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