Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Real Me 5 Pro First Impression Review

RealMe 5 Pro 

Today we're going to take a look at the more expensive one of the two this is the Real Me 5 Pro a true successor to the Real Me 3 Pro and also a sort of a successor to the Real Me x as well. We're going to find out if this phone is worth the price that you're going to pay for it, so without any further delay let's jump into the Review.

So in this first impression, we're going to talk about five major upgrades on the Real Me 5 Pro compared to the previous phone which was the Real Me 3 Pro.

Real Me 5 Pro First Impression Review

RealMe 5 Pro Crystal Design

Now the Realme 3 Pro and the 5 Pro actually feel pretty similar the Realme 3 Pro is also the same size as the Realme 5 Pro is right now the button placement is also very similar, the ergonomic curves on the plastic sides of the plastic frame are also quite similar to the Realme 3 Pro and I'm very much like the fact that the sides are still mat and not glossy. That just gives it a beautiful contrast where the back is glossy and the sides are plastic but matte, but the more interesting change is how the back actually looks now when realme came out the first times while there was a plain red phone as well with the Realme 1 the more popular version was the diamond-cut black awaited was something that made the Realme 1 look very desirable. Now the same philosophy did follow for some time they also experimented with a bag that I personally liked a lot which was the matte diamond cut back which we saw with the Realme C2 and the Realme 3i as well, but after the Real Me 3 Pro race track design what we saw at the back we are back to the diamond sort for diamond-cut design, but this is called a crystal design and you have a crystal green variant. Here I am so glad that two colors white and green are coming back to the phone because both of these are elegant colors and make almost any phone look premium of course, if you don't go the cartoony row.

Real Me 5 Pro First Impression Review

RealMe 5 Pro Sony IMX 586 

Now the second big upgrade comes with the standard camera so the Realme 3 Pro actually spotted a popular sensor from Sony which was the Sony IMX 5 and 9. The same sensor that was inside the One plus 6t, So Realme also decided to go for the Sony IMX 586 of the same sensor that the Realme X has, but also the same sensor that the one plus 7 and the 7 Pro have ended a lot of other phones. This sensor is probably one of the most popular smartphone camera sensors today and we have that with the Realme 5 Pro.

Real Me 5 Pro First Impression Review

RealMe 5 Pro Quad Cameras

So the third big upgrade is the multiple cameras set up this is the first time that RealMe is coming out with a commercially available a phone that has more than two sensors RealMe X had two cameras, RealMe 3 Pro also had two cameras, but the cameras were actually a standard sensor and a depth sensor that was it will mean never experimented with wide-angle cameras or telephoto, but this time they are experiment with some of them. So we have a standard 48 megapixel Sony IMX 586 which we already talked about. We have a secondary 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens with a field of view of 119 degrees this is massive, then you have the third sensor which is very interesting which is a macro lens. So this is a 2-megapixel macro lens and you can actually go up to four centimeters close to the subject that you want to click a picture of which is very close. If we don't know how smartphone cameras shoot and then you have finally, the depth sensor which will be used for portrait pictures, so this is the multi-camera setup on the RealMe 5 Pro. It’s among the very few phones under 20,000 that come with quad-camera setups let alone three cameras and then you also have the front camera which is the Sony IMX 586 one the same exact selfie camera that you saw with the RealMe X, so you pretty much have the RealMe XS camera which is phenomenal but two extra cameras at the back one of them is a wide-angle, one of them is a macro lens, now again this is no other review so we are not going to tell you what the camera samples look like so we are not going to give you our analysis because it will take us time to analyze the pictures.

Real Me 5 Pro First Impression Review

RealMe 5 Pro Processor Upgrade

So now coming to the number four upgrade now this is an upgrade that a lot of people would argue should have happened before, but I guess better late than never I don't think that's how that proverb is used, but whatever. So you have a snapdragon 712 AAA chipset inside the RealMe 5 Pro now Snapdragon 710 is the chipset that part the Realme 3 Pro, but it's also the exact same chips at that part the RealMe X, Now the 3 Pro people of course did not have a problem because the 710 is a very powerful processor, but with the RealMe X people did expect something better from it. At least the 712 that didn't happen with the X, but you have that with the RealMe 5 Pro. So technically at this point the RealMe 5 Pro actually has are more powerful processor at least on paper compared to the Real Me X, Now this of course also comes with you FS 2.1 storage and also lpddr4 x ram the highest-end variant that you can get is 8 gigs of RAM and 128 GB storage. So that's awesome, so you get that snapdragon 712 and all that power that comes with it, but of course tell you what the performance is like in the full review, but I think that 712 is going to impress a lot of people.

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