Linux Mint Review + Free Download Torrent Link

Linux Mint Review + Free Download Torrent Link 

Linux Mint 18.3 which is the latest version was released a few months back in November so I’m not going to do a review of it but in this article will check out the reason point of Linux Mint popularity and such a huge fan base alright so let’s begin it.

Linux Mint


Hey guys what’s up welcome to Get Review It. I’m Hamza and last week I uploaded a Review article on OnePlus 7 Pro. Today I’m giving a review for one of the most popular and widely used Linux exhibition which is Linux Mint.

Linux Mint has a long History it was started in 2006 as a derivative of Ubuntu which still its but I think the team has made the right choice at the right time which is made it the Go to distort distribution for offices schools and other industries with it’s a requirement of light stable, reliable and efficient of reading system. So the first reason and probably the biggest one is its home Desktop Environment which is Cinnamon. Now one thing there I really like about Linux Mint is the team that has its priority sets Straight. Mint is made for desktop User only so when Ubuntu shifted to unity desktop environment with all its conversion team Mint decided to take a different path and developed two desktop Environments for their use which is Cinnamon and Mate however the present release of Linux Mint also comes with two other desktop Environment at its Xfce and KDE, but KDE the version will no longer be released from next version of Linux Mint and if you want take the complete Mint experienced I would recommend going with Cinnamon Desktop environment So this is Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia with Cinnamon desktop environment fully updated to the current date.

Linux Mint Review


Now if you look at the desktop you would see that the Overall styling and design is pretty similar to that of Windows XP and in the Start Menu, Taskbar, System tray all look familiar to A windows user so this minimum learning curve for a new user.
And it’s not just the familiar look the desktop also Packs tons of features. You get a pretty good amount of customization option you can change the overall theme from system setting app there are few built-in themes but you can also download new themes to suit your choice this also an option to add desktop widgets which also called desklets in Linux Mint and I personally like change the color of the folder which you can easily categorize your folders and this way you can easily identified of particular folders from a bunch of other folders and if you go  deep you can even change the various windows animation and also the timing of each animation which is something you won’t find in any distribution and if that’s not enough you also have an extension that allows you to more tricky of the desktop like its transparent panel extension that makes bottom transparent.

Linux Mint New Feature


Here are more new features which were introduced in Cinnamon 3.2:

·       You can peek at the desktop by hovering the show-desktop applet
·       The sound applet can now control multiple players and switch between them.
·       The application menu now features full keyboard navigation (and performance improvements)
·       Bumblebee users can right-click any program in the application menu and launch it with optirun by selecting 'Run with NVIDIA GPU'
·       When seeking help, you can upload your system information on the Internet, from the "System Settings" -> "Info" screen.
·       In the Nemo preferences, you can enable an option which goes to the parent folder when you double-click an empty area



Cinnamon 3.2 also brings the following improvements:

·       Window manager, session and settings daemon:
·       QT 5.7+ support
·       Improvements to unredirect heuristic and borders/maximization
·       Fixed special cases which could lead to Cinnamon crashes
·       Fixed cursor-size changes being ignored
·       Control center:
·       Fixed new network connections secrets
·       New keyboard layout options
·       Settings API:
·       Revamped Xlet settings: separate process, new visual style, support for pages and sections, automatic highlight, new JSON backend..etc.
·       New date chooser widget
·       Applets:
·       Keyboard applet: support for multiple layouts using the same flag or language code
·       nemo:
·       File operations: reduced the time for a reliable transfer rate
·       Expanded grid width to canvas
·       Improved trash monitor
·       Fixed --geometry option when Nemo is already running
·       Desktop: Don't rebuild the desktop any time _NET_WORKAREA changes, prevents crashes in some situations
·       Image converter: Additional dimensions added
·       Nemo preview: Upgraded to Webkit2, multiple bug fixes, support for EXIF rotation


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