Linux Mint Review + Free Download Torrent Link

Linux Mint Review + Free Download Torrent Link 

Linux Mint 18.3 which is the latest version was released a few months back in November so I’m not going to do a review of it but in this article will check out the reason point of Linux Mint popularity and such a huge fan base alright so let’s begin it.

Linux Mint


Hey guys what’s up welcome to Get Review It. I’m Hamza and last week I uploaded a Review article on OnePlus 7 Pro. Today I’m giving a review for one of the most popular and widely used Linux exhibition which is Linux Mint.

Linux Mint has a long History it was started in 2006 as a derivative of Ubuntu which still its but I think the team has made the right choice at the right time which is made it the Go to distort distribution for offices schools and other industries with it’s a requirement of light stable, reliable and efficient of reading system. So the first reason and probably the biggest one is its home Desktop Environment which is Cinnamon. Now one thing there I really like about Linux Mint is the team that has its priority sets Straight. Mint is made for desktop User only so when Ubuntu shifted to unity desktop environment with all its conversion team Mint decided to take a different path and developed two desktop Environments for their use which is Cinnamon and Mate however the present release of Linux Mint also comes with two other desktop Environment at its Xfce and KDE, but KDE the version will no longer be released from next version of Linux Mint and if you want take the complete Mint experienced I would recommend going with Cinnamon Desktop environment So this is Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia with Cinnamon desktop environment fully updated to the current date.

Linux Mint Review


Now if you look at the desktop you would see that the Overall styling and design is pretty similar to that of Windows XP and in the Start Menu, Taskbar, System tray all look familiar to A windows user so this minimum learning curve for a new user.
And it’s not just the familiar look the desktop also Packs tons of features. You get a pretty good amount of customization option you can change the overall theme from system setting app there are few built-in themes but you can also download new themes to suit your choice this also an option to add desktop widgets which also called desklets in Linux Mint and I personally like change the color of the folder which you can easily categorize your folders and this way you can easily identified of particular folders from a bunch of other folders and if you go  deep you can even change the various windows animation and also the timing of each animation which is something you won’t find in any distribution and if that’s not enough you also have an extension that allows you to more tricky of the desktop like its transparent panel extension that makes bottom transparent.

Linux Mint New Feature


Here are more new features which were introduced in Cinnamon 3.2:

·       You can peek at the desktop by hovering the show-desktop applet
·       The sound applet can now control multiple players and switch between them.
·       The application menu now features full keyboard navigation (and performance improvements)
·       Bumblebee users can right-click any program in the application menu and launch it with optirun by selecting 'Run with NVIDIA GPU'
·       When seeking help, you can upload your system information on the Internet, from the "System Settings" -> "Info" screen.
·       In the Nemo preferences, you can enable an option which goes to the parent folder when you double-click an empty area



Cinnamon 3.2 also brings the following improvements:

·       Window manager, session and settings daemon:
·       QT 5.7+ support
·       Improvements to unredirect heuristic and borders/maximization
·       Fixed special cases which could lead to Cinnamon crashes
·       Fixed cursor-size changes being ignored
·       Control center:
·       Fixed new network connections secrets
·       New keyboard layout options
·       Settings API:
·       Revamped Xlet settings: separate process, new visual style, support for pages and sections, automatic highlight, new JSON backend..etc.
·       New date chooser widget
·       Applets:
·       Keyboard applet: support for multiple layouts using the same flag or language code
·       nemo:
·       File operations: reduced the time for a reliable transfer rate
·       Expanded grid width to canvas
·       Improved trash monitor
·       Fixed --geometry option when Nemo is already running
·       Desktop: Don't rebuild the desktop any time _NET_WORKAREA changes, prevents crashes in some situations
·       Image converter: Additional dimensions added
·       Nemo preview: Upgraded to Webkit2, multiple bug fixes, support for EXIF rotation


OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Get Review It

OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Get Review It
OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Get Review It

OnePlus pulled off a Samsung this year by launching not one but two flagships. first, there is a OnePlus 7 Pro with its bezel-less screen that popup camera and that 90 Hz Refresh Rate display and the second one is the OnePlus  which I think is the more value from the money phone and in this article, I’m going to give you the full review of the OnePlus 7 Pro.

OnePlus started out with the flagship killer title, but slowly the company's smartphones themselves moved into the flagship territory and with the OnePlus 7 Pro we had the first flashy flagship. While a lot of people appreciated it, most of them were waiting for the OnePlus 6T successor, and that is what we are here to talk about. The OnePlus 7 is a true OnePlus flagship primarily because it follows OnePlus value for money philosophy.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Get Review It
OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro First Look

Take one look at the OnePlus 7 Pro and u know that is nothing to do with the design, but it is to do with the new colors so this is the new mirror gray version that we have at the OnePlus 7. And there is another red variant that we did not have with the OnePlus 6t. Now that is until you get real close and compare them side by side so start thus you have a big camera bump on the OnePlus 7 Pro which is also bigger than the OnePlus 6t and even the 7 the camera bump also results in this horrible verbal kept on a flat surface apart from this on the every other design changes field like an upgrade over the 6t. The Power button has moved a little, and the alert slider has come down this has actually resulted in a better economist although what I like is the alert slider has shrunk a little in size which actually makes it much easier to switch between the three modes the volume button and the alert slider stay unchanged than so do the speaker and the headphones jack positions on the phone the headphones jack is off the phone and the speaker stay where it is although there is a big upgrade here.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Get Review It

Like the OnePlus 7 the OnePlus 7 Pro also gets the full treatment here’s comes to the speaker of this has the stereo speaker effect with the earpiece and the speaker at the bottom working in to give u stereo effect Now while the OnePlus and OnePlus 7 pro having the same system sound almost similar there is more re-sentence inside the chamber compared to the OnePlus 7 pro


Coming to call quality the OnePlus 7 Pro is as good as any phone gets. OnePlus has been prettied good with that an also this time we have a bigger earpiece so the call quality has been phenomenal that’s it. There is some leaking of voice the sound coming out of the earpiece is I think a way too much that I would like also once or twice it happens that when I was in the call screen and me would turn on speaker it would not go to the speaker and could stay at the phone space and when I would want to switch back to phone it would stay on speaker OnePlus only with jack less with the OnePlus 6t but did they give a dongle in the box USB type C23. 5MM dongle but with the OnePlus 7 that does not come in the box the OnePlus 7 pro also does haven’t which is very weird they should either be giving you a new heart phones or at least a dongle in the box, but at least they could have done but that’s not happening this year.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Get Review It


6.67-inch AMOLED                                                  19.5:9 screen ratio
3,120 x 1,440 QHD + resolution                             Corning Gorilla Glass 6
516ppi                                                                          HDR10 / HDR+ certified 90Hz display

The OnePlus 7 displays are probably one of the few things that not a big noticeable upgrade from the 6t where the OnePlus 7 pro got a quality resolution and a 90hts Refresh rate on the screen the OnePlus 7 gets the if it broken treatment and you get a same 6.41 full HD + Display with the tiny water drop nudge Now let see if we blame them for not giving the bezel-less the screen I think there is a case from this one there is a lot of people who don’t like having a mechanical part in their phone for those, I think the OnePlus 7 is a very good device because everything’s this and that and it also helps keep the frame of the phone then comparing the 6t the display still has been treating a little in its calibration The new OnePlus 7 displays slightly more color as compare to the 6t also you have more display modes on the OnePlus 7 which I think professional photographer or content creators can use to see how their photo and videos look alike

OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Get Review It


  • ·         OxygenOS 9.5
    ·         Android 9 Pie

OnePlus promised it was coming, and now it's here: an updated version of OxygenOS that primarily focuses on getting better pictures out of the rear camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro, particularly in low light. In fact, the OxygenOS 9.5.4/9.5.5 releases notes specifically mention both the Nightscape (the low light mode on the phone) and HDR as areas that should see improvements once the patch has been applied.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 855                             8GB or 12GB of RAM
Octa-core                                                          128GB or 256GB of UFS 3.0 Storage
Adreno 640 GPU                                               No expandable storage

OnePlus 7 Pro was simply overshadowed by the flashy professional, however, it might become additional in style device. The device options Qualcomm flower 855 processor, UFS 3. 0, Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, RAM boost, new Screen Unlock technology, Ultrashort engine and additional. The main detector on the OnePlus 7 Pro options Sony's IMX586 and a 48MP primary camera.


·         4,000mAh
·         Warp Charge 30 (30-Watt, 5V/6A)
·         No wireless charging

Now come into battery finally get the same 3700 MAH battery which is the same as the OnePlus 6t and in the fact provides almost the same battery life. There’s no faster Warp charge like on the OnePlus 7 Pro (which is also not as fast as the Huawei P30 Pro) but it keeps up with the old OnePlus promise of a day’s worth of power with just a half an hour (30 minutes) of charging. The phone easily lasted me through a standard workday just in case you were wondering.


When u look at the OnePlus 7 Pro, and then see the OnePlus 7 the camera is our one of the bigger stands out the OnePlus 7 has a dual camera setup and lacks a telephoto and white blend lens honestly it helps to keep the cost of the phone The biggest improvement over the 6T is the new (and quite popular) 48 MP rear camera, but more about it a bit later. The bigger receiver speaker grille at the top, and of a course that chunky camera protrusion at the back. Else, it’s pretty much the same as the OnePlus 6T. So if you are looking for a new design, you could look at the upcoming Asus ZenFone 6 (flip camera) or the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom edition (shark-fin raising camera + matte-finish design). Else you can spend another Rs 17,000 for the bezel-less OnePlus 7 Pro if you don’t want, to switch brands.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Get Review It

OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Get Review It


·         OnePlus 7 Pro: 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM — $669
·         OnePlus 7 Pro: 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM — $699
·         OnePlus 7 Pro: 12GB RAM, 256GB ROM — $749


6.67-inch AMOLED
3,120 x 1,440 QHD + resolution
19.5:9 screen ratio
Corning Gorilla Glass 6
HDR10 / HDR+ certified
90Hz display
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Octa-core, 7nm
Adreno 640


UFS 3.0
Rear cameras
Main: Sony IMX586 48MP, f/1.6 aperture, OIS
Wide: 16MP, f/2.2 aperture, 117 degrees
3x Telephoto: 8MP f/2.4 aperture, OIS
Video: 4K resolution video at 30/60fps

Front cameras
Main: Sony IMX4791 16MP, f/2 aperture
EIS: Yes
Video: 1080P video at 30fps
USB 3.1 Type-C
No headphone jack
Strereo speakers
Dolby Atmos certified
4,000mAh battery
Warp Charge 30 (5V, 6A)
IP rating
Optical In-screen fingerprint sensor
Ambient light sensor
Electronic compass
Sensor hub
LTE: Supports 5xCA, 64QAM, 256QAM & 4x4 MIMO,
up to DL CAT16 (1Gbps)/UL CAT13 (150 Mbps) depending on carrier support

NA/EU: FDD LTE: Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/29/30/32/66/71
TDD LTE: Band 34/38/39/40/41/46
TD-SCDMA: Band 34/39
UMTS(WCDMA): Band 1/2/4/5/8/9/19
CDMA: BC0/BC1GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

CN/IN: FDD LTE: Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/1213/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/29/66
TDD LTE: Band 34/38/39/40/41
TD-SCDMA: Band 34/39
UMTS(WCDMA): Band 1/2/4/5/8/9/19
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


Wi-Fi: 2x2 MIMO, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4G/5G
Bluetooth 5.0, support aptX & aptX HD
GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galile
Dual nano-SIM slot (single on T-Mobile model)
OxygenOS based on Android 9 Pie
Mirror Grey, Nebula Blue, Almond
In-box                  Screen protector (pre-applied)
   Translucent phone Case
   OnePlus Fast Charge Type-C cable
   OnePlus Warp Charge 30 power adapter 
   SIM tray ejector
   Quick start guide
  Safety information


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