Hello and welcome, This article, we will discuss Top 10 Irish Myths and Legends. Ireland has some beautiful mysterious countryside inspiring so much in fantasy fiction including a game of Thrones the mythology and legend from Ireland are no less fascinating with some wonderful examples to be found.





CHILDREN OF LIRHere's a very old Irish legend originally called the clan Lear. Lear was known as the Lord of the sea and was given permission to marry one of the princesses in the kingdom Eve with whom he had four children. Sadly his wife passed away and Lear went on to marry his deceased wife's sister Aoife. Aoife was jealous of her nephews and nieces and made a plot to get rid of them an opportunity presented itself on a family journey to their grandfather's house and Aoife ordered her servant to kill them after the servant refused Aoife attempted murdering them herself, but couldn't muster the courage to do so instead, she used some secret magic to turn them all into swans destined to live forever in that form unable to speak once the King EFA's father heard about this. He angrily transformed her into a mist demon never to return to the world of the living. The swan children had to live for 300 years on the king's lake 300 years in the sea of moil and another 300 years on a legendary estuary st. Patrick was said to her converted Island to Christianity. During this time one ending to this story goes that at some point. Silver chains bound the four Swan children together centuries later the Queen of Leinster greedily saw these swans and wanted to capture them. She persuaded her husband the King to attack the monastery, where they were being sheltered and in this attack, the Swans chains were broken. They all transformed back into humans ancient and withered and immediately died not quite, such a happy ending but one of the popular ones this tale is rumoured to have inspired the ballet Swan Lake so it's quite an important one in mythology and there are statues and figures of dedication all across Ireland and that's it. From all top 5 for this week, of course, I've missed out some major players in Irish mythology like the leprechaun or the banshee, but I wanted to focus on some perhaps less well-known legends had you heard of these 5 let me know in the comments just remember to be polite and considerate when talking to other people in the comments if you've enjoyed this article.


The Death Sign

This is an Irish myth told through a fairy tale from hundreds of years ago. One day a female shepherd was working in the fields when she heard music following she found a group of people dancing merrily. She turned away but behind her was a pale strange young man staring at her, she jumped an art who he was he replied you ought to know me and ordered her to run away before something evil happened to her. She noticed that the group of dancers had started running at her beckoning her to them the woman and the pale man escaped, but later he turned her face towards his and asked again, if she knew him upon gazing into his eyes she immediately knew the face it belonged to a man, who had drowned the previous winter whose body had never been found. She screamed but taking the opportunity. She asked the dead man desperately have you any news of my child my fair-haired girl she has stolen from me seven years ago to this day. The man replied I have seen her but she will never come back. She is with the spirits under the sea and belongs to the body and soul perhaps you will meet here sooner than you think and he disappeared the distraught woman returned home, but couldn't enter through the door out of pure fear she called to her husband that a presence was there barring her entrance, as soon as her husband arrived she fell on her face through the door and said no more she was dead it's hard to glean a moral from this story but that only makes it the more creepy.



The Pookas is a creature straight out of Irish folklore. They were shape shifters that usually took the appearance of black horses but also goats or rabbits occasionally. They would take human form though retaining animal parts like furry ears or big long tails. It's not entirely clear as to whether the pooka brought good or bad fortune as there seems to be evidence for both one written account from the 1700s described pookas as wicked-minded black looking bad things, that would come in the form of wild Colts with chains hanging all about them and that they sought out travellers to torment, however, another tale classes them as benevolent. One day a farmer boy noticed the presence of an invisible Pooka and offered it his coat. That night it appeared to the boy in the mill as a bull, other Pooka came and they all worked hard at milling. The farm-grown corn into flour for many nights the boy gave the helpers of fine silk Kotas thanks, and when the Pooka had finished milling all the corn they left behind a golden cup full of a liquid. That guaranteed happiness to anyone who drank it there are some tales of Pooka being vampiric man-eating killers roaming the Irish countryside so it's up to you what you think of the Pookas.



This name is an English transcription, But it is an official one known in Irish as Finn MacCool. He was a famous mythological hunter also appearing in Scottish tales, His name Finn means fair or bright referring to his brilliant white hair Finn was brought up by his aunt and a warrior in secret in a forest. As such he learned how to hunt, fight and became wise to the world. He took studies under a leprechaun called finis Gus. Who had spent seven years trying to catch the salmon of knowledge and finally succeeded? This fish was rumoured to live in a river pool eating hazelnuts fallen from a holy tree into its pool gaining, all the knowledge in the world in the process. Phineas asked Finn to cook the salmon for him, Finn burned his thumb and as a reflex stuck it into his mouth. Some of the salmon had been on his thumb and he instantly gained the Salmons knowledge and wisdom of the whole world. Vinegar gave him the rest of the salmon after seeing this and Finn went on to the channel. The Salmons knowledge whenever he touched his front teeth with his thumb overcoming his enemies and getting revenge on the man who had killed his father.



The doctor was an important Irish God a druid chieftain associated with fertility strength and magic amongst other things. He was portrayed as a big man in a cloak carrying a staff that can kill with one end and give life with the other and always fall golden and a magic harp known as Orono or at least I think that's how it said. This harp made of oak was said to have the power to control people's emotions and also to change the seasons, the doctor sometimes used owner to dictate the flow of battles. After one particularly famous battle, the second battle of my Twitter the firm Orion tribes stole Dagda’s Harp hiding it in a castle. The clever Dagda, however, had bound the harp so that it would not make a sound for anyone, else he tracked it down to the castle and called for it Orono. The harp lept out of the wall to him killing nine men in the process. Dagda then played three Tunes on his newly recovered harp the first caused the castle's women to cry the second made the women and children laugh with glee and the third tune sent everybody to sleep enabling Dagda to escape with or no the harp.


Saudi crown prince warns of 'Iran threat' to global oil

Saudi crown prince warns of 'Iran threat' to global oil

Saudi prince Muhammad bin Salman has concerned world action against the Islamic Republic of Iran, warning of "unimaginably high" oil costs otherwise. He additionally represented the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi as "a mistake."

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman rules Saudi Arabia day-to-day on behalf of his father, the king. The heir to the throne is a man of contradictions. He presents himself as a young, progressive leader, a supporter of women in the workplace and, famously, behind the wheel. But he is also conducting a bloody war in Yemen, stands accused of targeting civilians and children and employing famine as a weapon. He's rounded up political dissidents and the CIA believes he is behind the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, a prominent critic of the crown prince.
In a tv interview, Saudi prince Muhammad bin Salman concerned world action against the Islamic Republic of Iran and warned that oil costs may otherwise arise astronomically.
Bin Salman blame Iran for the Sep fourteen attack on Saudi oil facilities that cut its production by and light-emitting diode to a spike in oil costs.
Earlier this month, after AN Iranian missile and drone attack on Saudi oil facilities, u. s. committed further Yankee troops to assist defend the Saudis. it had been nearly hour by the time we tend to spoke with prince Muhammad bin Salman on Tuesday, at the royal court in Jed'dah. There were heaps to raise. Our 1st question was concerning death, a year ago, of Jamal Khashoggi, one thing the prince has ne'er mentioned in a very tv interview.

"If the world doesn't take a powerful and firm action to discourage Iran, we'll see more escalations that may threaten the world interests,"

"Oil supplies are going to be discontinuous and oil costs can jump to unthinkably high numbers that we have not seen in our lifetimes," he aforesaid within the program ventilated late on Sunday.

The US, France, the European nation and Great Britain have backed Saudi assertions that the Islamic Republic of Iran was behind the attack, as opposed to the Houthi rebel group that has claimed responsibility.
The prince aforesaid he would like a political instead of a military response to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a war between Asian country and the Islamic Republic of Iran would collapse the world economy.


How to Cancel Netflix Account Subscription


If you haven't been enjoying the content available on Netflix, You might find yourself getting tired of paying for your membership.

Want to learn how to cancel your Netflix subscription?

We're here to help; in this article, I'll tell you how to cancel your Netflix account.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Account 

Now let's get started to begin.

Step 1) Open your computer's web browser and go to, then sign in to your account. if you have multiple profiles on your account click on one of them that isn't a kids profile. Now hover over your profile icon in the top right with your cursor from the menu that appears below.

Cancel NetFlix Subscription

Step 2) Select account on the next screen. You'll see your account settings; click the button that says cancel membership to confirm that you want to cancel your subscription click finish cancellation. Once you cancel your membership you'll still be able to use Netflix until the date you would have been charged.

You don't have to worry about any further bills or cancellation fees. Once you cancel your subscription if you ever decide you'd like to go back to using Netflix. You can reactivate your account by signing in and clicking restart membership on the account settings page that's all it takes to cancel a Netflix account. 

How to Cancel Netflix on iPhone

Cancel Netflix on Iphone

How to cancel your Netflix subscription on your iPhone. If you're you know trying to use your iPhone to do it so it is actually possible. If you guys are just wanting to get rid of it for whatever reason or if you're switching over to Hulu or Amazon Prime video or something else. I'm going to tell you guys how to you know to cancel your Netflix so let's open that flicks up first.

Step 1) So you got to be logged into your account, once you're logged into your account, you're going to want to click on the options tab right here and you want to scroll down to account.

Step 2) Then it's going to pull up you know all your account information and right at the bottom there's going to be a cancel membership option. So it's going to you know stop billing you after the last billing cycle so all. I got to do is hit the cancel membership button and you'll be pretty much good to go and you know. You'll have done it on your iPhone.

How to Cancel your Netflix Free Trial

Cnacel Netflix Free Trial

If you’ve opted for a month’s free trial of Netflix and set you don’t need to fork up for the paid subscription, you'll be able to cancel your account in just the same way.

A word of warning though; if you don’t cancel your account before your free trial runs out, you may mechanically be charged for future month of streaming.

Netflix will send you a reminder once your free trial is close to expiring, however, it’s price setting a reminder on your smartphone if you propose on canceling your Netflix account once the free trial is up.

How to Create and Delete Netflix User Profiles

Delete Netflix Profile

I'm going to talk through how to create and delete Netflix user profiles. Creating different profiles within a Netflix account makes it possible multiple users of one account to each have their own Netflix space.

You can have up to five profiles within one Netflix account, and each profile has its own recently watched list ratings and reviews, playback settings, and more.

Profiles are great for families where everyone has their own viewing tastes. This article walks you through how to add a Netflix profile, both in the Netflix mobile app and on the Netflix website, and how to delete a Netflix profile, which can only be done on the Netflix website.

Create Netflix Profile on a Desktop Computer

Create Netflix Profile

And now, the steps to feature a Netflix profile on a PC

1) Open your Web browser and navigate to The Who's Watching screen appears.
2) Click the "Add Profile" icon. The Add Profile icon is a gray circle with a black "+" sign in the center of it. The Add Profile screen appears.
3) Enter the name of the profile in the Name field, and then click the red "Continue" button. The Continue button starts out as gray but turns red after you enter any text in the Name field. You'll be returned to the Who's Watching screen, where you'll see the profile you added now appears in the list of selectable profiles.

4) Click the "Manage Profiles" button directly beneath the list of profiles on the Who's Watching screen. A white pencil icon appears on each of the profiles. The white pencil represents the Edit icon.

5) Click the "Edit" icon represents the profile you just added. The Edit Profile screen appears.

6) Click the "Edit" icon on the image associated with the profile. A menu of profile icons appears for you to choose from. Click one of the alternative profile icons if you want to change your default icon.

7) Click the "Language" drop-down, which appears directly beneath the Name field. A list of languages appears for you to choose from that can be associated with this Netflix profile.

8) Click the "Allowed TV Shows and Movies" drop-down. A list of options for restricting the type of content that is available for viewing appears. Choose the option best suited for the person who will be using this profile.

9) Click "Save." You change to that the profile will be saved, and you'll be returned to the Manage Profiles screen.

10) Click "Done."

11) Click a profile to start exploitation Netflix as that profile.

Create Netflix Profile on Smart Device

Netflix on android

And now, the steps to add a Netflix profile on your smart device.

1) Launch the Netflix app on your smart device.

2) Tap the "Menu" icon within the higher left corner of the screen. The Menu icon features three horizontal lines and is also known as a hamburger icon.

3) Tap the name of the profile that appears at the top of the menu that fly’s open along the left edge of the device's screen. The Who's Watching window appears.

4) Tap "Add Profile." The Choose Icon screen appears.

5) Tap to choose an icon for your profile. You'll proceed to the Create Profile window, where you can enter your name.

6) Enter a profile name, and then slide the circle in the For Kids toggle to the right side of the toggle if content for this profile should be limited to content rated safe for kids 12 years and younger. You'll be routed back to the Who's Watching screen, where your profile will appear. And now, the steps to delete a Netflix profile. First, a note. You can only delete a Netflix profile when logged in to Netflix through a Web browser. You can't delete a Netflix profile through an app for a smart device. 

Delete Netflix Profile

Delete Netflix Profile

And now, the steps to delete a Netflix profile.

Step 1) Open an internet browser and navigate to the Netflix web site.

Step 2) Click "Manage Profiles," and then click the "Edit" icon on the profile you want to delete.

Step 3) Click "Delete Profile." A Delete Profile a window appears, informing you that ratings, activity, and any other information directly associated with this profile will be removed and will not be recoverable.

Step 4) Click "Delete Profile." That profile will be deleted, and will no longer appear in your list of available Netflix profiles.

How to Delete Your Netflix Viewing Activity

Delete Netflix VIewing Activity

Need to clear your Netflix viewing activity or want to refresh your recommendations. We're here to help. In this article, I'll be showing you how to delete your Netflix viewing activity on the Netflix website and on the Netflix app for iOS or Android.

Now let's get started to delete your Netflix history on your computer.

Step 1) Open your web browser and go to, then Sign in to your account hover over your profile icon in the top right corner then click account scroll down.

Step 2) Now click viewing activity beside each show or movie you've watched that you'd like to remove from your history, Click the hide icon to the right of its title, this will remove this entry from your viewing activity list and will no longer be used to recommend other titles to delete your viewing activity on the Netflix app.

Step 3) Open the app and tap more at the bottom of your screen scroll down and tap account this will open a browser window on your device scroll down and select viewing activity. Now top the hide icon beside any show or movie you want to remove from your history, that's all it takes to delete your Netflix viewing activity on any device.

Top 10 Best PC Games for 4GB Ram

Top 10 Best Games for 4Gb RAM PC

What are the Best PC Games for 4 GB Ram?

If you have got a computer with 4GB RAM, most likely you won’t be able to play GTA five thereon. However, there are several cool games out there for computer with 4GB RAM that also runs smoothly. 4GB RAM could be a little smart for play and there are thousands of games on the market for computers with 4GB RAM. Below I even have more ten Best PC Games for 4 GB Ram  List updated.

List Of Best PC Games For 4 Gb Ram

  4. MAX PAYNE 3
  8. TEKKEN 7
  9. FIFA 19

Best Pc Games for 4gb Ram Without Graphic Card

  1. Call of duty 2.
  2. Need for speed underground 2.
  3. Splinter cell chaos theory
  4. Hitman
  5. Need for speed most wanted.
  6. Splinter cell pandora tomorrow.
  7. GTA San Andreas.



The MetalGear Solid 5 the phantom pain continues this tradition. The majority of its plot focuses on the events at hand, Fans of the series will find their diligence rewarded in ways that newcomers can't begin to imagine, But such loyalty and knowledge isn't a prerequisite as big boss the leader of a private military the group that Diamond Dogs you go behind enemy lines to carry out recon and assassination contracts, As well as infiltrate the hideouts of your personal enemies.

The Phantom Pain's plot mixes historical events from the 1980s with a pinch of James Bond villainy in an exciting dollop of sci-fi dressing. Your mission is twofold build a military force free from the whims of narrow-minded world powers and destroys those who wish to take advantage of fractured global politics for their own selfish ideals. There are numerous subplots within and during your long and extensive journey, you face topics rarely seen in gaming torture child soldiers and a human cost of nuclear proliferation. 



Assassin's Creed 3 was one of my favorite games of all time when I originally played it and yes I played Assassin's Creed 2. So the opportunity to jump back into Connor Kenway story was too good to pass up for the uninitiated Assassin's Creed 3 covers the story of the half Mohawk by doing hog a dune son of the notable assassin isn't a spoiler to say more of the game six years old Haytham Kenway and kinetic.

A member of the Mohawk dedicated to protecting her people from the encroaching Europeans rotten hog a dune or Connor as he becomes dubbed must dismantle a plot to destroy life as he knows it, though doing so puts him in the way of his closest allies also Desmond is there unfortunately and in the modern-day the world is ending.  All the strengths of this game were present in the original release which divided players into people who thought Connor was whiny and people who were right.

Assassin's Creed 3 is a gorgeous satisfying game with a compelling story, Mostly looking at you Desmond and rich engaging gameplay expect to get lost in this world for dozens of hours, I certainly didn't play this game for the first time.



Battlefield 3 most of which multiplayer some of which single-player and as for the single-player campaign at first I was like it's pretty fun but I've seen this kind of stuff in first-person shooters before. It follows a soldier named Blackburn who's going after you know terrorists and terrorist leaders and weapons of mass destruction and it's a showcase for some of the sweetest graphics, I've ever seen in a game ever.

You're like this is some of the most realistic lighting ever some people have complained about some of the lens flares because of the light and I just tell them well just like in real life don't look at the Sun. How they unfold the story is pretty cool this guy's getting interrogated because he did something that the US government doesn't like - like you're an asshole and where did you go after that mission, And he'll be like alright well I went here and it'll play that scenario so I thought that was actually pretty cool and it does a good job with getting you familiar with some of the combat elements. You know sniper rifle jet combat tank combat and ten combat. 



Max Payne 3 is unique for a few reasons mostly because it's the first major game in the series to not be developed by remedy entertainment instead is developed by Rockstar Games, The creators the Grand Theft Auto series and it runs in their proprietary rage engine. It was developed for PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and most importantly Microsoft Windows.

Its other key point of difference is that it breaks away from the film noir, you know rain or snow soaked streets of New York with an entirely new setting and theme taking place in South Paulo Brazil portrays an older Albert's still cynical max in a world that is alien to him. He doesn't speak the language he's not used to the heat and he's generally just out of his element in a way it makes him seem more vulnerable though he quickly adapts to his surroundings by shaving his head and getting on the wagon after shit hits the fan one time too many, After leaving the US to escape the Vengeance of a mafia boss, he ends up working security for the wealthy Bronco family in Brazil alongside an old friend named puzzles, Despite max frequently screwing up the Bronco family decide to keep him on even after his screw-ups lead to multiple kidnappings and fatalities. None of the main cast is all that particularly likable with it is very hard to relate to the Broncos most of whom act like spoiled brats.



Mass Effect 3 so it has been a long road to the end of Mass Effect a long enjoyable road because Mass Effect is one of the best sci-fi dramas out there. It just it is what it is and in my opinion, they nailed Mass Effect 2 so perfectly I was thinking if they don't change anything in terms of gameplay or structure for Mass Effect 3. They'll be fine so how was Mass Effect 3 in a word it was great so in Mass Effect 3 Shepard’s back with the Alliance and the Reapers have come and it's a dark day for Humanity and every race in the galaxy.

So the Reapers are wiping everything out you got to get you crew together and battle the Reapers not just your crew though you have to unite the entire galaxy. There's some conflict among some of the Galactic species in Mass Effect are so to unite them is going to be a challenge but that's part of the experience of Mass Effect, now in terms of characters Mass Effect just nails it there are so many moments In this game where I'm like dude man tears. If Mass Effect 3 is going for a very deep emotional impact on you they nailed it, and in that, I feel it's important to play Mass Effect 1 and 2 before 3 because that's where you bond with the characters that's where you bond with your crewmates and friends so when things happen to them in Mass Effect 3 it's just tragic.



Rise of the Tomb Raider unfolds in a valley haunted by echoes of older times abandoned structures. The landscape while bygone kingdoms lie dormant beneath. The ground even the current inhabitants long sheltered from the outside world still hunt and gather as their ancestors did and for Lara Croft a person intent on escaping her past. This is not a comforting place but in her pursuit of supernatural artifacts go he or she must so begin the next adventure for the iconic Explorer.

In 2013's Tomb Raider reboot developer Crystal Dynamics thrust Laura into danger against her will ruining her on a strange Island with even stranger secrets. In the rise of the Tomb Raider she's running headlong into the fray at her own pace seeking the key to eternal life if that premise sounds trite that's understandable. The Holy Grail grants the same power in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Nathan Drake a more apt and recent counterpart spent uncharted 3 hunting for the Fountain of Youth, Yet rise of the Tomb Raider anchors Lara's story with its own believable characters and emotional weight. Lara refuses to acknowledge her father's death opting instead to seek the divine source the object that could stave off death and grief for good Crystal Dynamics doesn't use magic as a storytelling crutch though. It injects mystical elements in a way that makes sense within the world they occupy and on the other hand as a third-person adventure game.



Hitman Absolution is obscene and beautiful its foul-mouthed criminals and grubby henchmen at a layer of thick grime, Otherwise quaint small-town streets and on warm desert sands returning antihero agent 47 is a ruthless contrast to the beauty of the surroundings and the crudeness of his enemies.

He's a well-dressed killer who finds pleasure in careful planning kills. Some AI problems and anti-climactic missions disrupt the flow by absolutions mix of stealth and action plays well looks sumptuous, best missions immerse you in Hitman absolution twisted form of Americana. The characters that inhabit this world are uniformly disgusting may even c-47s initial actions as hard to witness his first contract is to assassinate his former handler at the agency Diana burn wood was apparently gone rogue her last wish as you watch her perish by your own hand but you protect a girl named Victoria and in turn be branded as a traitor.

08) TEKKEN 7


Tekken 7 has long been the most generous with its extra features, And in recent years the goal of unlocking and customizing outfits for the game's large cast has rounded out the most rewarding objective of all getting good. Tekken 7 keeps most of the series traditions alive and once again delivers the tight hard-hitting action Tekken is known for though it stumbles a little online and fails to teach new players how to fight it's otherwise a great fighting game that confidently claims its position among the best fighting games today, Similar to dead or alive in Virtua Fighter.  Tekken 7 is a 3d fighting game and thus plays quite differently than its side-scrolling cousins, there are Tekken 7 characters that are more mobile than others but by and large, this is a game of inches a moment of indecision or a sloppy move against a more skilled player can lead to a string of pummeling strikes and hasty death courtesy of the game is long combo strings.

09) FIFA 19

FIFA 19 matches a more natural or more varied in the way they unfold well though. EA introduced a slower pace of FIFA 18. The newest iteration finally makes the work by tightening up players' responsiveness through passes and player pace are in a good place in terms of balance neither under nor overpowered as has been the case for too long. FIFA 19's ball still doesn't feel as satisfying as PES 2019 s but it does at least feel something like the real-life sphere it's attempting to imitate.

FIFA 19 includes new tactical options for one of the managers to fiddle with. These are undoubtedly welcome and changes in your defensive technique make a tangible impact in-game allowing you to further tailor your play style, however, the much wanted new feature of game plans or a bit of a mess any change to one game plan including your default starting plan is not automatically reflected in your other four plans. This isn't a deal-breaker of course but it inevitably ends with you spending more time in the team management menu which is exactly the kind of admin work this feature should have eradicated and despite the added depth of options. 



Taking a look at the 2012 action game “Prototype 2” sequel to the 2009 solid prototype developed by reticle entertainment and published by Activision. The game was a top seller for a short period of time but eventually it cells would drop drastically causing a downsizing of radical entertainment.  2012 was a pretty successful year for gaming as sells like dishonored and Far Cry 3 was big names in the market making tell us like prototype 2 seemed unimportant and that's exactly the reason,

Prototype 2 is a great game that every action and superhero fan should definitely play. Prototype 2 is said three years after the events of the first game a virus known as black light has supposedly killed the game's main protagonist James Heller's wife and daughter. The virus in short turn’s people into infected aka zombies you know the drill infuriated by the loss of his family. Heller decides to join the fight against the virus on a patrol trip Heller encounters Alex Mercer the main protagonist of the first installment. Heller pursues Mercer knowing that he's the big reason on why the infection has grown, so big Heller tries to fight Mercer only to be infected and gaining similar powers to that of Mercer's Heller blacks out and the quest for revenge is about to start the story, in short, is a very inconsistent prototype - sounds like a generic revenge story, but it becomes more than that with the help of a lot of plot reveals but the main problem is the inconsistency of the story.


Q1) What are the best PC games that are under 1GB?

Ans) There are many good games under 1 GB such as

  1. Prince of Persia: sands of time
  2. Prince of Persia: the two thrones
  3. Prince of Persia warrior within
  4. Assassin's creed 1
  5. Total overdose
  6. IGI 1,2 AND 3
  8. GTA liberty city
  9. Counter strike
  10. Max Payne
Q2) Which is the best PC gaming headset?

Ans) The best gaming headset on the market is Razer Nari ultimate

Wireless: Drivers: 50mm metal | Connectivity: USB wireless, 3.5mm analog | Frequency response: 20Hz-20,000Hz | Features: retractile simplex mic, Lofelt L5 somatosense drivers, THX abstraction Audio, cooling gel-infused cushions, RGB

Haptic feedback works in its favorBalanced sound quality restricted wireless compatibility support for noise-canceling

No matter wherever you stand on the polarizing discussion of somatosense feedback in games, we've got to applaud its initial correct execution in an exceedingly gaming headset with the Razer Nari ultimate.

Q3) What are the best PC games that can be played on a laptop with 4GB RAM?

  1. Battlefield 4
  2. Far Cry 3
  3. Far Cry 4
  4. Grand Theft Auto 5
  5. State Of Decay


Tom Holkenborg the composer of the Dead Pool, Mad Max Soundtracks

Dead Pool and Mad Max Soundtracks

In this video, we going to tell you The Composer and Instrument Used for Dead Pool’s, Mad Max Soundtracks


If You Eat Mangoes Every Day for 1 Month. This is What Happens to Your Body

King Of Fruit 

If you've ever enjoyed some mango on a summer day, you'll already know! So, what title earned mango the King of Fruits?  Besides the mouthwatering taste, this fruit has so many amazing health benefits! Eat just one mango a day and you’ll be happy to see


A Radiant Complexion

Mangoes are full of vitamin A. This is a common ingredient in skincare products, and that’s for good reason. Your body needs nutrient A to develop and restore cells. But even brand-new skin cells won’t look that great if they’re not boosted up by collagen, a protein that makes skin look youthful and plump. To produce collagen, your body also needs vitamin C. Good news: you can get that from mangoes as well! 

Beefed Up Immunity 

Those two vitamins aren’t just going to have you looking fabulous, you’ll feel better too! That is if you tend to get sick pretty often. Mangoes can help keep your immune system healthy and free from colds and flu. They do that by aiding in the production of white blood cells. That’s your immune system’s soldiers that fight infections and illnesses! Not to mention, with a stronger immune system, you’ll see cuts and scratches healing faster too. 

Eternal Youth 

Mangoes contain a whole alphabet soup of antioxidants. You’ve probably heard that word thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? Antioxidants help you to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Those things are everywhere in our environment, and, in short, they age you!


A Bright Shiny Smile 

Try not to throw the departs and sprigs of a mango – bite on them for two or three minutes instead. Dental specialists state this fortifies the gums and help the tooth lacquer. There yeah go, a Hollywood smile to go with your glowing skin! 

Sweeter Dreams

Mango contains a considerable amount of vitamin B6. Your body utilizes it to make explicit synapses in charge of rest quality and temperament. Sure, those two could be connected. I mean, if you sleep well, you probably won’t be cranky and miserable! But believe it or not, studies have shown that vitamin B6 helps fight depression too!

Sharper Thinking 

Talking about the sensory system, mangoes likewise contain glutamine. It's one of the most significant amino acids essential for good memory and focus. So, if you often feel kind of foggy or absentminded, you might want to try eating more mangos! 


Better Digestion

Fiber is something you’ll find in most fruits, and your body needs it for good digestion. It helps your system absorb the nutrients from your food. It also plays a major role in moving that food through your gut. In just one mango, you’ll get 20% of your daily recommended amount of fiber. You’ll also get 16% of your day’s potassium. This element helps in an interesting way – it improves the communication between your brain and digestive muscles. That way, they know when to contract and move food along through the system. 

A Happy Heart

Eating a mango daily can be a pleasant practice to bring down cholesterol levels and improve your heart and cardiovascular wellbeing as a rule. Scientists know that high levels of cholesterol increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes later on in life. With mangoes, it’s that powerful punch of potassium, fiber, and vitamins that’ll make your heart happier and safer from disease!

Improved Vision

One serving of mango contains 35% of your day by day suggested nutrient A. Yes, that same one that makes your complexion glow will also help your eye health. Well, at least it’ll help you maintain your good vision for longer. Don’t expect that you’ll magically be cured of your nearsightedness or anything. But if you can now, it’s always good to prevent vision problems in the future! Carrots and berries also benefit your eye health, and they can be combined with mangoes in smoothies 


Weight Control

Mango is a storehouse of fiber and pectin’s, which is what gives us a feeling of satiety. That is when you feel full after eating. What’s going to help you with weight loss is that mango makes you feel really full, yet it has very few calories. So, if you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds or keep those inches off if you recently managed to lose them, and then have a mango for lunch! So much good stuff in so few calories, you can’t go wrong! Actually, if you want to achieve that “fullness” effect, you got to eat the peel too. Don’t worry, it’s totally safe to eat, especially if you buy organic. It just might not taste all that great!

Healthy Bones

I’m sure you’ve heard that your bones need calcium to stay strong. That’s absolutely true, but your body also needs vitamin K in order to absorb that calcium! Mangoes will give you 8% of your daily recommended vitamin K, and your bones will thank you for it!

Cancer Prevention

This fruit contains loads of enzymes and plant compounds with high anticancer properties. Studies show that regular dietary intake of these substances reduces the chances of breast, prostate, and colon cancer as well as leukemia.


Liver Protection

You ever think about how much your body has to put up with, especially when you live in the city? Constant stress, malnutrition, pollution, and so on. Well, it’s your liver, in particular, that takes the brunt of the force. That’s why it needs protection from toxins and all that dangerous stuff that finds its way into your body. Antioxidants (those things that help your cells fight free radical damage) are just what the doctor ordered! So, help the old’ liver out and grab a mango!

Now, I must say, any time you’re dealing with certain foods that can affect your body so much – even if it’s a good thing like lowering your cholesterol! – It’s always best to get your doctor’s stamp of approval before you do anything. For example, when it comes to eating mangoes, doctors strongly advise those who have pancreatic diseases, gastritis, or hepatitis to be extra careful! So, if you’re interested in what mangoes can do for your health, see what the doctor has to say about it first and foremost!

But if you don’t have any serious health conditions, try eating mango on a daily basis. In a month, you’ll find yourself healthier, happier, and even looking younger! The best thing about incorporating more of this fruit in your diet is that it’s so versatile. You can eat it raw, toss it in a smoothie, have it in a serving of mixed greens – your choices are boundless! let me share one last tip with you… How to choose the best mango: First of all, the fruit itself should be a good-looking one. No bruises, insect marks, mold, or anything like that, obviously. Like any fruit, your main task is to check if it’s ripe. Since not all mangoes change color as they mature, you'll have to give it a delicate crush. Mango fruit shouldn’t be too hard or too elastic. The perfect ripeness is when it feels almost like the palm of your hand or fingertips. You can likewise smell it – some will have a fruity fragrance at the stem when they're prepared to be eaten. When in doubt, it’s always better to buy unripe fruit than an overripe one. At home at room temperature, the mango reaches its perfect condition in just 2 or 3 days. Well, those are my tips, so what about yours –If you learned something new today, then give this article a like and share it with a friend 

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